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Where in the World: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congratulations to Julie Ventura! Her India nails were intricate and otherworldly.

Head judge Darlene Sritapan of OPI says, “Perfection! The detail in your work is out of this world! Just wow!”

Head judge Beth Livesay says, “Intricate is how I would describe this! Thank you for not just doing Taj Mahal and teaching us so much more about Indian culture. The hands are perfectly adorned with gorgeous use of OPI Chrome and your exquisite bangles! Watching you build the Taj Mahal was a treat.”

Head judge Sigourney Nunez of OPI says, “Jaw dropping good! Smart use of mixing systems and shades to achieve your desired effect. You used almost the entire portfolio and had the cleanest nail station!”

Mentor Lavette Cephus says, “You definitely showcased an India landmark! I enjoyed every moment of your video. I’m completely blown away by your building of the Taj Mahal – it was mind blowing! I absolutely loved the hands. This set was so intricate and detailed, and very well executed!”

Read more about Julie’s nails here.

Julie will receive a $500 travel gift card!

Unfortunately, in OPI NTNA All Stars there are two eliminated contestants.

Danielle, you will always be a top NTNA competitor and master artist. We are thrilled that you participated in All Stars and wish you luck on all your future endeavors.

Liza, no one’s videos bring us joy the way yours do. You will forever be known for your perseverance and amazing artistic capabilities. You will always be an All Star.

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