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Full Name: Lisa Bennett
Hometown: Bakersfield, Calif.
Salon: Unique Hair Design and Day Spa
Preferred Nail Art Medium: gel paint
Favorite Nail Trend: 3-D nail art

Lisa is a twice-educated nail technician, with 30 years in between diplomas. She strives daily to be a better nail technician and give her clients the finest care and beautiful hands they can be proud of. Each time she renews her license, she is just as excited as when it was first handed to her. It is an absolute blessing that she’s been able to experience all this incredible industry has to offer and she can’t wait to see where her nail journey takes her.

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Challenge 1

Name of the Game

We were asked to bring our chosen OPI Gel Color name to life. I chose Bubble Bath.  Immediately I thought of my childhood dolly’s bubble bath toy. You put water and soap in it and push a button to make bubbles! It was a favorite of mine because it gave me an excuse to make a mess. I also loved the clear panels with plants and butterflies. I decided to do my set inspired by this.

The bathtub came in two colors, so I did my left hand pink and my right hand teal. I used OPI Verdi Nice to Meet You and Telenovela Me About It for the main colors. The nails are extended with OPI clear acrylic and  hard gel, sculpted over a short squared press-on set painted with my theme color. You can see the color in between the lattice at the top. I used  gel paint to create the plants in the windows. I did the set on my own hands and painted both while wearing them. I chose to do this to make it easier for me to work on them whenever  I could, and because my natural nails require something on them at all times it made sense to just do that. I created all of the 3-D elements separately so I could attach them at the very last minute before completion.

I used acrylic to create her chair,  mirror, and comb. Her mirror has a single silver glitter disc that fit perfectly so she can check her reflection! The bubbles are made from hard gel and I used different sized round beads, toothpicks and balloons to form a mold. The pinkies have mirrors of chrome surrounded by light bulbs made from glitter discs. I used a no cleanse gel top coat and a dotting tool on each glitter bulb to give them a 3-D effect.

Click here to watch her video diary. 

Brought to you by:

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