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Powder Play: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congratulations to Julie! The idea of pourable nail art was creative and fun to watch come alive!Head judge Darlene Sritapan of OPI says, “Loved how you created a custom jelly shade in order for the Venetian lace to show on the underside of the nail. Your level of detail is very impressive!”

Head judge Sigourney Nunez of OPI says, “I couldn’t believe you sculpted an OPI bottle with resin and acrylic powder! Beautiful typography and lace. Great use of the challenge inspiration.”

Mentor Lavette Cephus says, “In your videos you explain and showcase your techniques so well that someone not confident in nail art may be inspired to give it a better try. This design was so simplistically avante garde. The idea of pourable nail art is genius! I actually created a look similar to this last week. How you combined the entire look was extremely creative and very enjoyable to watch!”

Head judge Beth Livesay of NAILS says, “I love the concept behind this piece and the jelly look of the base nail with Powder Perfection. That bottle though — wow! I like that you altered the shape to make it look even more OPI. The lace painting is so beautifully done and I appreciate the underside detail of it too.”

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Julie will receive a $500 Visa gift card!

Unfortunately, in OPI NTNA All Stars there are two eliminated contestants.

Carly, your videos will always set you apart. The nail community knows you are a natural at nail art and are a true leader. We thank you for participating in OPI NTNA All Stars fresh off a successful NTNA season! You are ALWAYS an All Star!

Deanna, you’ve won an All Star challenge and proved that your nail art only gets better and better. The judges agree you are a gifted teacher and encourage you to take on even more teaching opportunities. We look forward to seeing you do more in-person and on video education. We are all in awe of your talents!

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