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Name of the Game: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congratulations to Deanna Stelmaschuk! Her Cajun Shrimp set made a BIG splash with the judges.

Head judge Sigourney Nunez of OPI says, “I am impressed you sculpted these on yourself. It’s very cool to see you use so many trending techniques cohesively in one set. My mind was blown seeing you mix polish in monomer to tint it.”

Head judge Beth Livesay of NAILS says, “These shrimp are delicious! Everything from the lemon to the pot to the cutlery carry the theme through. It’s a nice blend of sculpting, 3-D, and masterful hand painting with the napkin print. The sugaring and smile line lessons show how great of a teacher you really are. So well done!”

Mentor Lavette Cephus says, “Who would have thought a vegan would love shrimp nails?! I loved everything about your set. The shape you chose is perfect for the design. The intricate details of napkins, 3-D elements, and those shrimp made me almost lose my vegan card! The video was very clean, informative, and detailed.”

Read more about Deanna’s nails here. 

Deanna will receive a $500 Amazon gift card!

Unfortunately, in OPI NTNA All Stars there are two eliminated contestants.

Dana, your video was spectacular and the judges agree your set screamed Black Onyx. We thank you for participating in NTNA again and for helping to make this spin-off happen.

Lisa, your concept was so cool and unique. We wish we could have seen even more of your bubbly creation.

Both of you are exceptional artists and we hope you feel proud to have participated in the first ever OPI NTNA All Stars competition!

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