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Name of the Game: The Top 3 and the Bottom 3

The first ever OPI NTNA All Stars kicked off with an iconic tribute to OPI. Challenge 1 asked the Top 10 to bring a famous OPI shade to life on 10 nails. The contestants got to choose their shade, but on a first come, first serve basis. The winner of this challenge scores a $500 Amazon gift card!

In alphabetical order, the Top 3 are:

Deanna: The tinted monomer technique had the judges’ mouths watering. The shape of the nails and napkin details were especially crisp. Your filing capabilities coupled with your smile line lesson spiced up your video. Well done!

Julie: The judges were impressed that you used all OPI products in such a creative way. From the tiny strips on the stars to the pin technique, to the Powder Perfection usage, this set had us star struck. Your video was always steady and in focus and you stayed in frame – fantastic job!

Liza: Your video this week was as solid as it was entertaining. The whole set is a delicious, juicy homage to NYC and Big Apple Red. Zooming in closer on your hand painting will only help us savor your talents that much more. Beautiful work!

The following artists can breathe again. They are in the middle of this week’s pack and are safe. Congratulations to:

Carly: Your pop-up book-style diner was a cute take on this classic shade. The judges loved that you incorporated I’m Not Really a Waitress so much into this set. We just wish you had incorporated more glitter or shimmer in the design to show its true tone.

Emily: Your hand painting is of course incredible! Adding a 3-D element would have kicked this set up a notch. Watch your lighting and zoom in more when painting your nail masterpieces.

Melisa: The whimsical details in this set came off cleanly and creatively. We loved the diverse usage of OPI color. Alice in Wonderland is a common nail art theme, so be careful to choose a point of inspiration that will stand out more.

Trisha: The judges agree your explanations are as crisp and on-point as your shaping and 3-D artwork. We personally think this name is one of the more challenging because of all the possible ways it could be interpreted, so great job on creating something that showed your skill set and was on-trend.

Unfortunately, there always has to be a bottom group. The bottom 3, in alphabetical order, are:

Dana: Your voice and video were perfect! The unearthing technique is amazing to watch. Thank you for teaching us incredible nail techniques and about onyx. The judges appreciate the cohesiveness of this design and feel that you nailed the color name. Our only criticism is that the bulkiness of the nails made the overall look less sleek.

Danielle: The judges recommend trimming your video down by talking about the history while you work and eliminating the prep portion. We also don’t recommend showing an ad or promo code during your video, as it’s distracting. Your shaping and wine bottle are excellent! Make sure and keep the model’s finger in frame on film. Those grapes are delicious! Cheers!

Lisa: Your shaping is consistent across all 10 nails and this concept is super cute! The balloon technique was too cool! We just wish we could see more video of you working and see these amazing nails even closer and clearer to soak in all the detail.

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