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Color is the Answer: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Congratulations to Melisa! Her Costa Rican-inspired mani showed color reigning supreme.

Head judge Darlene Sritapan of OPI says, “Love the clear color set powder used for texture and the underside art. You really captured “color is the answer”! I would say be a bit careful keeping your sculpts thinner so when you add the texture and underside art it doesn’t look too bulky.”

Head judge Beth Livesay says, “Thank you for teaching us about perspective and playing with it in the case of the 3-D lamps and color scheme. I like the Powder Perfection paint over. The undersides do look like water! The play on colorful reflection makes this set a masterpiece. It’s stunning!”

Read more about Melisa’s nails here. 

Melisa will receive a $500 spa gift card!

Unfortunately, in OPI NTNA All Stars there are two eliminated contestants.

Emily, your hand painting skills are always so on-point. We appreciate the risk you took this week and thank you for sharing your a glimpse into your salon and your many talents with us. You will be missed, but we know great things are in store for you.

Trisha, your fun personality and easy to follow teaching style make you a class act. You’ve brought an energy to this competition that we will all miss. We wish you (and Coco) nothing but the best!

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