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Full Name: Trisha Johnson
Hometown: Macomb, Mich.
Salon: Very Polished
Preferred Nail Art Medium: acrylic and gel-polish
Favorite Nail Trend: custom acrylic

Trisha Johnson has been a licensed nail artist for 25 years and wouldn’t change a thing! The changes in the industry throughout the years have continually inspired her to want more and explore all avenues, bringing her to combine freelance work with competitive nature. Visit her social media to see more inside her personal life, nail artistry, and to see what she creates in this very first season of OPI NTNA All Stars!

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Challenge 3

Color is the Answer

Can you say, COLORS GALORE? OPI and NAILS Magazine asked us to create a wearable nail art set on two actual hands, using as many OPI colors as possible. Easy you say? I say color is the answer to definitely channeling some of your deeper creativity, that’s for sure. For this set, I decided to use 24 colors, by incorporating every system sent to us from OPI. I began with sculpting a set on myself using their Absolute system. Then went into the color by creating an ombre base using the Powder Perfection system, and colorful details using OPI Gel Color system, Nail Lacquer, and even OPI chrome effects system.

I used the entire Mexico City collection(12), Do you take lei away, Lincoln park after dark, glitter to my heart, let love sparkle, show us your tips, alpine snow, black onyx, life gave me lemons, big apple red, that’s what friends are Thor, I’m so swamped, chopsticks and stones, and the chrome effects Bronzed By The Sun.

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Challenge 2

Where in the World?

When NAILS Magazine and OPI asked us to pick a past OPI color collection location and create a 3-D piece, I went right for Hawaii! Who doesn’t love the iconic dashboard hula girl as a souvenir? Watch me create this cutie by using nail tips, acrylic, and gel-polish with 3-D techniques and make you feel a little bit of paradise while I bring to life some of the most sought after images from this beautiful destination!

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Challenge 1

Name of the Game

When I think of OPI, I think of a company that is iconic, fun and classy all at the same time. The fun definitely comes from their polish colors and names!  I chose Show Us Your Tips, keeping in mind what I feel OPI represents. I knew exactly where I would take this: bold, classy, and icy clean. I began with sculpting an extreme style set, and used plenty of techniques that can be easily implicated into salon styles. Show Us Your Tips is a periwinkle shimmer and I felt it would go great with the Pantone color of the year, blue. This color most definitely goes with the wintry season, and is so now.

Click here to watch her video diary. 

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