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Full Name: Emily Nash
Hometown: Elkhart, Ind.
Salon: Natural Impressions
Preferred Nail Art Medium: gel paint
Favorite Nail Trend: character art

Emily has been a nail artist for almost eight years, but has been an artist her whole life. She specializes in all hand painted nail art, especially characters and small details. She is finally starting her own salon beginning in 2020, so she is excited to be in charge of her own nail career!

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Challenge 3

Color is the Answer

For this challenge I wanted to take it back to the basics. OPI’s tagline, Color is the Answer, speaks to me in more ways than one. For me, color represents who I am. I am covered in very colorful tattoos, have had my hair dyed about every color in the rainbow and even my nail salon suite is super colorful! For my nail art idea, I wanted to show something a little risky but bold, in not showing hand painted designs but rather a bright, strategically placed “”dotticure” mani. I decided to keep the design coherent across both hands to fall into the more wearable category. 

I used 24 different colors within the design. I grouped my colors in five groups: Green, Red, Pink, Purple, and Blue. I wanted to group like colors together with the opposing color on the wheel as the base for the nail. Then for each hand, I switched which color sat as the top dots of the design, putting a different color next to the base, for each nail. It shows how each color can look different if next to another color. So even with using just the basic colors and their variants, it appears to be many colors!

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Challenge 2

Where in the World?

For this challenge we were asked to choose a past destination collection from OPI and create a set of nails inspired by a landmark or iconic image associated with that location. For mine, I chose Australia, the summer 2007 collection. My landmark I did was The Great Barrier Reef. To create this set of nails I used a combination of acrylic, Powder Perfection, and gel-polish to sculpt, shape, and mold an underwater scene you would encounter down under in the seas of Australia. I painted my sea creatures with gel paint to give them detail and dimension. My coral was created using tinted monomer and white acrylic, then going back in with gel-polish to add the detail. I clustered them all together and aligned my nails to have a blue water-like background as well!

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Challenge 1

Name of the Game

For this challenge I chose the color Lincoln Park After Dark. This color was originally apart of the 2005 Chicago collection and later made a part of the classic collection. Lincoln park is a neighborhood in Chicago with a diverse community. When I first thought about this challenge, thinking about after dark, I wanted to give you a walk through of the different nightlife of the neighborhood. I decided on 10 different experiences you can get in the neighborhood. Whether it be a bar or venue, I wanted to have it feel like you were taking a tour. From a brewcade called Replays all the way to a blues and reggae bar called Kingston Mines, you can chill at a low key dive bar called Rose’s Lounge or get cozy reading a book at Kibbitnest Books, Brews and Blarneys. So many different cultures to experience as well, like an authentic Irish pub and a rock bar with Cajun-inspired foods. I decided on hand painting my design to show the versatility of OPI Gel Paint.

Click here to watch her video diary. 

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