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Full Name: Dana Cecil
Hometown: Newcomerstown, Ohio
Salon: Nail Junkie
Preferred Nail Art Medium: gel-polish and gel paints
Favorite Nail Trend: Abstract and fine line work

Dana is married with two daughters. She started collecting nail polish around the age of 7. It soon turned into a collection of press-on nails, that she begged her mom for from the store, and customized with original ideas. She’s been collecting nail art supplies ever since. Dana went to nail school and graduated in 2004. Dana comes from a long line of artists that include jewelry making, drawing, and painting. While she enjoys all forms of art, nails are her passion. She loves being challenged, and prefers to have art in every aspect of her life. Dana competed in NTNA Seasons 4 and 5. Recently, she opened her own salon, Nail Junkie, in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

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Challenge 1

Name of the Game

When I received the email for this challenge, and saw the list of polish colors, I was drawn straight to “Black Onyx.” So many things went through my head, but I was having a hard time getting away from a literal design idea. I kept seeing healing stones and nature, jewelry, and sleekness.

The amount of information on black onyx online is almost infinite. I gathered a lot of information and decided to create cluster nails of a few different ideas instead of running with just one. Designing the shape of the nails to also represent the color name was a must for me. The fact that stalagmites create banded black onyx and that onyx can be faceted was easy for me to get behind for the main shape. Then the accent nails being crisp and sleek could offer me a canvas for my 3-D pieces.

I had a fun time creating all of my little pieces of representation. I couldn’t help but sculpt a bowl with crystals, as I have one almost identical at home. I love astrology and space, so the addition of those items was really very fun to make.

Click here to watch her video diary. 


Brought to you by:

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